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Thursday, December 6

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    Armenia is a land-locked country located in the Middle East. It is land-locked and borders Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia and Iran. Armenia is the 143rd largest country in the world, in comparison, Armenia is slightly bigger than Maryland have their one language Armenian, that is spoken 94.7% in the whole country.
    The population in Armenia is not very high in comparison with other little countries. For example, Honduras is a one of the smallest countries in the whole world and its population is 8,296.693. Most of the population is aged from 15-65 years old.
    Birth Rate
    12.9 Birth Rate/ 1,000 population
    The Birth Rate in Armenia is not very high because is Armenia is becoming a more developed country. Armenia has overcome a lot of problems, an Earthquake in 1988, the war against Azerbaijan in 1990s. Armenia became a developing country in the last decade. With the developing of the country people now have a much bigger view of sexual relationships, they now know the importance of using condoms.
    Death Rate
    8.49 Death Rate/ 1,000 population
    The Death Rate in Armenia is very low because of the same reason the Birth Rate is low, they are developing. Armenia has a very good health care and also it's free.
    Net Migration Rate
    -3.5 migrant(s)/1,000 population
    The migration rate of Armenia is so low because Armenia is getting very dangerous to live in. Actually Armenia is having a very big problem with a very dangerous country.
    Infant Mortality Rate
    Total: 18.21 deaths/1,000 lives birth
    Male: 22.64 deaths/1,000 lives birth
    Female; 13.28/1,000 lives birth
    In Armenia a lot of kids die because of their health problems. The Armenian government has been trying to improve their health facilities since 2003 for mother and child health care across the country.
    Population Growth Rate
    The population growth rate have been decreasing because the birth rate is lower than the death rate because now women know their rights and they don't have sexual realtionships with any one . Now that they have a better education on Sexual Intercourse.
    Life Expectancy
    Total Population; 73.49
    Male: 69.85
    Female: 77.56
    aIn Armenia the Life Expectancy is above average because the health care has been improving since 2003 and it still needs imrpovement, but also it has been improving since. Thanks to those improvements the Breast Cancer in Armenia has decreased from being the number 1 rank death leader to the number 4 death leader in Breast Cancer.
    Major Population Issues Armenia is Facing
    In my opinion, Armenia's major issue in

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Monday, December 3

  1. page Lebanon--Rafael Nodarse edited World Geography Around the World Project Rafale Rafael Nodarse 10th Lebanon {lebanon.gif}
    World Geography Around the World Project
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Friday, November 30

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    World Geography Around the World Project
    Rafale Nodarse 10th

    Introduction:Lebanon is an Asian country located in middle east, bordering the Mediterranean between Syria and Israel. It has a total area of 10,400 square kilometers.
    Lebanon Statistics:
    Population: 4,140,289
    Birth Rate: 14.92 per 1000 population
    Death Rate: 6.63 per 1000 population
    Infant Mortality Rate: 15.32 deaths per 1000 births
    Net Migration Rate: -12.08% migrants per 1000 population
    Population Gowth Rate: -0.38%
    Life Expectancy: 75.23 years
    Doubling Time: Undefined because the population is declining so there is no doublimg time.
    Lebanon Information:
    Lebanon is a small country in the Arab parts of Asia, its in the middel of Syria and Israel. It has significantly a big population compared to the space they have. They have a fast birth rate and an acceptable death rate. Population issues maybe the cause of negative population growth rate because they are pretty good in reproduction. Lebanon belongs to the LEDC (less economically developed countries) and has a more abundant young people han old, this also gives us enough information to conlude Lebanon in step 2-3 expanding. Infant mortality rates are very high, al though there is a bunch of young people dying, this is one exapmple why the the population growth rate is negative or declining. Because its and Arab country, the religious believes, the culture is completly different and it may or may not come an issue depedning on the person, this also leads to a small life expectancy. Also we can see that a lot of peole are living the country, so the net migration rat eis the floor practically. Life in lebanon is like most of the arab neighbors it has, and they mostly belive in many religions but one official is the muslim religion. They are average in the reosurces that they have.
    Gallery {CitiesVillages181.jpg}
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Sunday, November 25

  1. page Iraq- Sabrina Handal edited Welcome to Iraq! {iz-lgflag.gif} Iraq's Flag ... the 59th most largest country. ... Iraq is …
    Welcome to Iraq!
    {iz-lgflag.gif} Iraq's Flag
    the 59th most largest country.
    Iraq is also infamous for
    {download (2).jpg} Iraq's mapIraq is the home for 31,129,225 people, which makes it the 39th most populated country in the world. The majority of the population is Arab. Many people have fled Iraq due to various violent conflicts. During the last few years, population numbers have increased, but it has started to stabilize.
    This country has a birth rate of 28.19/1,000 (in The United States it is 13.83) and a death rate of 4.73 deaths/1,000 (with 8.4 in USA). This means that more people are being born in the country than dying in it. This fact also informs that there are more young people of child bearing age in Iraq than elders to take care of. A lot of babies are being born due to the low unavailability of contraceptive methods for women in the country. Not as much people are dying due to Iraq having a very large young population. {Iraq_(orthographic_projection).svg.png} Where would you find Iraq in a World Globe
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