Cape Verde

Cape Verde population is about 523, 568. It is the

country number 171 with the highest population. Its

population was registered on July of 2012. The country that are islands located in the

Atlantic Ocean that belong to the continent Africa. Its capital is Pria and most of the country

speaks portuguese because it became independent in 1975 from Portugal.

The birth rate of Cape Verde is 21.21 births/1000 and its death rate is 6.28 deaths/1000

This numbers show a steady rate of population growth because this country isnt

fighting any war or suffering of poverty or lack of clean natural resources

like water. The country has good health care and have medicine, even though their

life expectancy for a male is 69 years and female 73 so the average is 71 years.

The net migration rate -0.66/1000 so this means more people are leaving Cape Verde this is

reasonable because people maybe want to go to a place with better education,

better healthcare or just a place that has more job opportunities, like big cities around the world.


The infant mortality rate in cape verde is 26.02/1000

male=29.7/1000 and female is 22.16/1000 deaths. This fact in

a country is important because it can tell you how much developed is a country

Cape Verde is the country compared with the others with better numbers

the number 77.

cape verde map.jpeg

Cape verde doubling time is of 49 years this means that it will take this country 49 years to

double its population into 1,046,000, 49 years is a lot of time.