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The name Micronesia derives from the Greek mikros (μικρός), meaning small, and nesos (νῆσος), meaning island. Micronesia is about three- quarters of the way from hawaii to indonesia. Micronesia is a Pacific Ocean region maked of hundreds of tiny islands. Politicaly they are divided in 8 territories. His territory is under the U.S.A administration, Constitutional, Micronesia has large scales of unemployment, overfishing, and overdependency of U.S.A aids.
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106,487 ppl
Micronesia have few population because they are lacked of area were to live. People are starting to emmigrate from micronesia because of the lack of resources and the high unemployment scale.
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Birth rate
21.85 births / 1000 population
The birth rate is high because adults thinks that their childrens when they grow up will help them economically. Low acess to secondaries schools.

Death rate
4.31 deaths/ 1000 population
Most of the population improved sanitation access, and drinking water sources so they get less diseases. People of all ages had HIV estimate.

Net migration rate
-20.97 migrants / 1000 population
MIcronesia population are leaving the country because of the lifestyle they have. They wanted to have a better style of life so they migrate to another countries with better oportunities and with high employment scale.
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Infant mortality
23.51deaths / 1000 live births
Male:25.99 deaths / 1000 live births
Female: 20.91deaths / 1000 live births
The infant mortality is high because is hard to access to hospitals. The parents does not have the time and the resources to take care of their babies.

Population growth rate
Micronesia´s population growth is negative because more people are leaving the country in look for a better style of life. The island is lack of resources so poeple go to another countries looking for a better style of life.

Life expectancy
Total population 71.8 years
Male: 69.84 years
Female: 73.85 years
The improved sanitation access, and drinking water sources so they get less diseases and live longer. Population are having less diseases less so they are starting living longer.

Literacy rate
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Total population: 89%
Male: 91%
Female: 88%
Pre-primary schools access help to have a high literacy rate because they show the babies how to speak and write.

A major problem that Micronesia face is that most of his population has HIV/AIDS. MIcronesia´s population seems to have regarded HIV/AIDS as a distant threat, something along the lines of global warming and sea level rise, which will trouble them someday if they are not careful. Reality is that HIV/AIDS are affecting now Micronesia, every day more people die because of HIV/AIDS.

Micronesia is a Less Economically Developed Country, because most population live in poverty, they have low standard of living and les access to resources and education. Micronesia Focus on primary industries such as agriculture and fisheries because it is surrounded of water.

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Pohnpei Island Micronesia
Pohnpei Island Micronesia
parison to USA,it bases his economy in agriculture and fisheries instead of Industrialization like USA. More people are Immigrating to USA instead of micronesia; that more people are emmigrating Micronesia in look for a better life style. Micronesia birth rate is higher than USA Birth rate because micronesia's population thinks that when their babies grow up they will help them economycally. Micronesia infant mortality(23.51%) is higher than USA(6%)because micronesia´s parents have to much babies so they do not have the time and the resources to mantain them so they die.

Micronesia in comparison to Haiti they both base their economy in agriculture and fisheries, have high scales of poverty.Both are Less developed countries and have low access to resources and they lack of area. Both countries have a negative net migration rate because people are migrating to other country 's because of the low living standard . Micronesia and Haiti Birth rate are high because of the low access to education so adults think that their babies in the future will work for them.

Micronesia in comparison to China they both base their economy in manuel works but China also had intelectual works such as the invention of new techonology and researches. They have a similar life expectancy rate and a negative net migration rate because of the low standard of living. China population has a very low HIV/Aids instead of micronesia that practically all of its population has HIV/Aids.

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Micronesia in comparison to Honduras they both base their economy in agriculture and fisheries, and most population live in poverty. Both are less developed countries and they also have a negative net migration rate because people are migrating to another country in look for a better life style. Both have a high birth rate because of the poverty and the low access to education. They have a similar death rate, and life expectancy. In both countries corruption is a problem and the lack of education in their country. The literacy rate of Honduras is low instead of Micronesia that is high because they have access but just for Pre-primary school that is why they know how to read and write.




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