Chile, is located in south american continent. It has a total area of 756,102 Km, and has a coastline of 6435 Km. It has a temperate desert climate and has a terrain that is very fertile, lots of desert and mountains. Chile is known for its natural resources like copper, iron, timber and copper. Chile has a total population of 17,067,369. its birth rate is of 14.3 births per 1000. and a 5.8 per 1000 death rate. Chile has a net migration of 0.35 per 1000 immigrants. Infant mortality, 7.4 deaths of 1000 live births. It has a life expectancy of 78 years, and a population growth rate of 0.88%.

Chile is a developed country. People in this country live a good and healthy life. The country can provide many of the things humans need to survive. Also, the economy is very good, which affects population growth, death rate and immigration. Not many people migrate to chile, but they do emmigrate from chile. It is a country with many things to offer. Its currency is very undervalued at 480 chilean money for 1 dolar. Chile, has a low immigration rate because of its location and its earthquake activities. I think chile is an MEDC, because it can guarantee its citizens all of the basic needs, education, food, shelter, everything. It has a stable economy, and its people can live happy. As stated earlier, chile is located in a part of south america where the south america plate is very active. It is known to have alot of earthquakes of high magnitudes. I believe that even though chile has many barriers like its location and its natural disasters it has still managed to become one of the top 5 nations of the region in terms of eceonomic power.

Luis Cardona