By: Paola Castillo

Information: Chad is a landlocked country located in North- Central Africa made up of 200 ethnic groups. Chad has an area of 1,284,000 square kilometers. Its capital city is N'Djamena. Chad's official languages are French and Arabic. People living in Chad practice Islam and Christianity.
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Population: 10,975,648
Explanation- Population is high because people are not educated and they are not concern of what are the costs of being sexually active. They don't have access to birth control. Fertility is really high. People don't have access to entertainment, and they can't afford technology.

Birth Rate: 38.7 births/1,000 population
Explanation- Birth rate is high because people don't have birth control. Society is not educated; Chad is a poor and underdeveloped country meaning that society can't afford technology. People can't afford computers, tablets, laptops, televisions, etc. This means that they entertain themselves differently.

Death Rate:15.16 deaths/1,000 population
Explanation- Death rate in Chad is high because the majority of the population is infected with AIDS. People get infected with AIDS because they don't have access to birth control, and AIDS can be transmitted sexually. People suffer from malnutrition due to inadequate food intake. Drought has been a menace to Chad for many years; vegetation decreases, causing food shortages. Society lacks of clean water, so as they drink contaminated water they get infected with diseases and die.

Net migration rate: 3.74 migrants(s)/ 1,000 population
Explanation- Net migration rate is not too high due to the poor opportunities that people across the world can find in a poor country. Also people in this country can barely survive; they don't have the money to migrate somewhere else. Those that enter the country are volunteers that are willing to help the Chadians that are suffering from diseases. Children are part of the national army in Chad, so they are forced to flee from their homes and fight. Violence in the territory is making the Chadians flee from their homes. People from Sudan flee to Chad's refugees in N'Djamena, Moundou and Sarh because they are searching for employment opportunities and are escaping from violence.

Infant mortality rate: 93.61 deaths/1,000 live births
Explanation- The infant mortality rate is high. First abortion is legal and people doesn't have access to health care. Facilities in hospitals are very poor. Women are infected with AIDS, which means that every time they give birth; their babies get infected. Other babies die because of malnutrition. Chad suffers from the lack of clean water, so many infants die from diseases as they consume dirty water.

Population growth rate: 1.98%
Explanation- Growth rate in Chad is not too high because the majority of the population dies at an early age. People are dying because of droughts since it causes food shortage. Population doesn't live in a hygienic place. Conflicts and wars among religious and ethnic groups cause lots of murders. Population rate can barely increase due to deaths.

Infant mortality rate is high. Most of the population is infected with AIDS and the majority of the pregnant women infect their babies with AIDS. These babies get infected and in less than 3 years of being born they are dead.

Life expectancy:
  • males: 47.61 years
  • females: 49.82 years
Explanation- Most women die by giving birth. Both sexes suffer from AIDS, and they don't have access to medical care; causing them to live for a limited and short period of time. People are suffering from droughts; they go through hard times because of the food shortage. Conflicts between groups have caused wars and it has increased death rate. Kids are forced to join the army. Most of the population is being murdered by armed kids. Chadians are very ill due to the lack of sanity. The lack of clean water is causing people to decide whether to die of thirst or get infected by diseases such as malaria.

Doubling time: It would take 35 years for the population to double.
Explanation- It will take a little time for the population to increase since its birth rate is much higher than its death rate. It is a poor country and people are not educated. They don't have birth control, so birth rate will always be high.

Stage of the Demographic Transition Model: Stage 3
MEDC or LEDC? Chad is a LEDC since it is agriculturally developed and it is still going through development. Its location affects drastically since is far from the sea it doesn't have the opportunity to trade its natural resources with other countries. The political problems and the violent conflicts have caused the government's economy to drop. People living there have poor education, healthcare and sanity. There are no job opportunities in Chad. Society depends a lot on agriculture and pastoralism. The political party in charge of the country has no organization and funds.

Population's Major Issues: Population is suffering from AIDS. They don't have access to birth control. Health care in Chad is very poor. Organizations such as WHO is sending volunteers to Chad to provide medical help to those infected with AIDS. AIDS has caused the many deaths in Chad and other countries in Africa. Droughts have been affecting the health of the Chadians; they suffer from food shortages. Food shortage causes Chadians to suffer from malnutrition.
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