Christopher Harris

10 C

Burundi's first elected assassinated only after 100 days in office. There are two extremists groups in their country, the Hutus and Tutsis. They inflect violence and terror throught their country. More than 200,000 Burundians died after a war tha lasted a decade between these groups.


10,557,259. AIDS has affected this country in various areas. AIDS create, lower life expectancy, high infant death mortality, higher death rates, lower population growth rates, etc.

Birth Rate
They have a birth rate 40.58/1000. This could be caused by many factors. Low education creates ignorance and low economy situations make them unable to afford protection and safety measures

Death Rate
They have a death rate of 9.36/1000. Their death rate is not as high because most of the population is young kids. 2 percent of the population is people over 65.

Net Migration Rate
They have a net migration rate of -.18/1000. More people are leaving than entering the country because the country is in a dangerous an unsafe situation.

Infant Mortality Rate
The infant mortality rate is 60.32/1000. This reflects that it is a less developed country because young kids are dying because they access better medication and the birth procedure might be unsafe in Burundi.

Population Growth Rate
The population growth rate is 3.1. This is a high growth rate and it might be like this because people cant access protection and they do not have the education to know what they are doing.

Life Expectancy Rate
Their life expectancy is 59 years old. This is extremely low because the people die with diseases such as HIV and in violent acts of terror.

Doubling Time
Burundi's doubling time is 22.5 years. Since they still have time to develop this is low, they also have a high birth rate, meaning that the birth rate will probably grow throughout time.


Economic Status
This country is a less economically developed country. They have a big amount of terrorism going on and this creates violence, fear, rapes, and murders. This country lives in the state of fear of terrorist groups, diseases, hunger among others. The people in this country do not have access to health care due to the instability in the government. The government cannot supply suitable standards for the population. This country mostly has a young population because the elders are usually survivors. Only 2 percent of the population is over 65 years of age. The younger people might die at a young age because they are murdered, they might die of diseases or of hunger.