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Introduction: Bolivia is a land locked country located in South America and has an area of 1,098,581 square kilometers.

Population: The population in Bolivia is 10,290,003. For the size of Bolivia this is a small number of people and it is placed in the 83rd spot in the comparison to the world list.

Birth Rate: The birth rate from Bolivia is 24.24 births/1,000 population and it is number 66 in comparison to the world, this is not so high but it is not so low either.

Death Rate: The Bolivian death rate is 6.76 deaths/1,000 population and it is number 141 in comparison to the world, this high death rate means that it is not a very secure country.

Net Migration Rate: The net migration rate of Bolivia is
-0.84 migrant(s)/1,000 population and it is placed in the 149th spot which is low. Bolivia is landlocked and what attracts a lot of tourists and people to come live to the country are the beaches and beautiful places to visit.

Infant Mortality Rate: Bolivia's infant morality rate has a total of 40.94 deaths/1,000 live births and it is number 58 in comparison to the world. The infant mortality rate reflects the sanitation in the hospitals of a country and Bolivia is not so bad, but it could be better.

Population Growth Rate: The Bolivian population growth rate is 1.664% and it is number 72 in comparison to the world.
Life expectancy: The male life expectancy in Bolivia is 65.16 years and the female is 70.77 years with a total of 67.9 years which places Bolivia on number 158 of life expectancy.
Doubling Time: The doubling time in bolivia is about 30 years.

Bolivia is a More economically developed country.

There is about 12,000 people living with HIV or AIDS in Bolivia and there has been fewer than 1,000 deaths because of this.

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