BHUTAN: by: Roberto Bobadilla
INTRODUCTION: Bhutan is located in china bordering India and it has an area of 38,394 sq km. Bhutan is a landlocked country and it has a climate that varies because in the southern valleys its hot in summer and cold in winter but near the Himalayas its a severe winter and a cool summer.

POPULATION: the population of Bhutan is 716,896. Bhutan is placed 165 in the list of population which means they don't have that many people. the majority of the populations religion is Lamastic Buddhist. the population is low because the birth rate is low and Bhutan doesn't attract many tourists.
BIRTH RATE: Bhutan's birth rate is 18.75 births/1,000. Bhutan's birth rate isn't so bad because its not to high and not to low. this means there is plenty of kids and teens in Bhutan. the people in Bhutan aren't very educated so they have lots of relations without protection.
DEATH RATE: Bhutan's death rate is 6.99 deaths/1,000. Bhutan is a country with low violence were there is low drug trafficking. the highest danger in Bhutan are the terrorists.
NET MIGRATION RATE: Bhutan's net migration is 0 migrant(s)/1,000 population. this means that the same people that migrate enter the country too. i think not many people migrate because they are poor and not much people comes into Bhutan because it doesn't attract many people.
INFANT MORTALITY RATE: Bhutan's infant mortality rate is 42.17 deaths/1,000 live births. this is because there is no good medical education and some people cant afford hospitals so the child dies.
POPULATION GROWTH RATE: Bhutan's population growth is 1.175%. the growth of the population is big because it has a steady birth rate and a low death rate.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: Bhutan's life expectancy is male: 67.01 years and female: 68.79 years. the males live less because they do more hard work but not too much because there aren't many jobs in Bhutan.
DOUBLING TIME: Bhutan's doubling time is 60 years. i think that it would take a lot of years for Bhutan to double its population because not many people want to go live to Bhutan.

- Bhutan is in stage two were the death rates are beginning to drop and population begins to increase. I think Bhutan is a MEDC because it is starting to develop by decreasing the death rates.
- the crisis that Bhutan has right now is the conservation of animals, pollution, climate change.

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