Diriem Theresin
Ms. Hillier 10C


Bermuda is a group of low-lying islands located on the North Atlantic Ocean, off the east coast of the United States. It has a population of 69,080. Of the entire population 54.8% are black, 34.1 are white, the population is not as large compared to other countries. The birth rate of Bermuda is 11.42 births/1,000 people, its not as high compared to other countries because the people who live there are more educated. The majority of the population living in Bermuda are in the ages from 15-64, a lot of the population are teenagers, The death rate of Bermuda is 7.74 deaths/1,000, this is basically in the middle. It shows that Bermuda has a rather good health care. The net migration rate is 2.04/1000 people, the number of people who migrate and emigrate is pretty much equal. Some reasons people would leave Bermuda is because a lot of the water is contaminated, the CO2 emitted levels are high. The infant mortality rate is 2.47 deaths per 1000 people, this is also because Bermuda has a good health care, the development in the hospitals of Bermuda are very advanced. The population growth rate is 0.572%, which is low, but since Bermuda is an island you wont expect it to be super populated.People are expect to live approximately 80 years, because the conditions, the percentage of people older than 65 is a little low, 12.20%.

Bermuda is in stage 2, the birth rates are high and the death rates are high but not as high compared to the birth rates ( 11.42 > 7.74). In my opinion Bermuda is a MEDC because its Britains most successful territory oversees which has a very high standard of living, even though there is poverty.

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Some of Bermudas issues, because it is an island it is in high risk of huricanes from July to November. The debt of Bermuda is really high it is 160,000,000 USD. We may also see disposal of asbestos, water pollution, this is caused mostly by wastes of factories or hotels. The amount of people living with AIDS is 163, the amount of people who have died from AIDS is 392. It also haas 47 endangered species, mainly because the coral reefs are not been protected properly.

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