Barbados is a small island located in the Caribbean sea, northeast Venezuela with an area of 430 sq km. It was

conquered by the British in 1626 and it was currently inhabited Barbados economy strongly depends on sugar plantations and tourism. Barbados is said to be a LEDC (less economically developed country). This leads to the country's bad education, poor health cares and malnutrition on children. People mainly work on the tertiary sector, due that their economy depends greatly on tourism. Barbados doesn't do much trading for much of sugarcane.


Barbados population is approximately 287,733.
Its not very large due that its territory is very small.

It's birth rate is 12.23 births/1000 people.
The death rate in Barbados is 8.39 deaths/1000 people.
Barbados has a relatively high death rate due to chronic-diseases and poor health cares.

The net migration rate is -0.3 migrant(s)/ 1000 people.
Not many people migrate to Barbados because mainly its economy is only from tourism so the only hopes of having a profitable job is to have a really good hotel business.

Infant mortality rate is 11.63 deaths/1000 live births.
This high infant mortality rate might be because their are poor health cares on the country.

Population growth rate is 0.354%
The growth rate is very low due that many people dont have many babies because for a while, Barbados economy was very bad so sustaining big families couldn't be done.

Life expectancy is total population: 74.52 years. For males it is 12.98 deaths/1000 people. For females it is 10.27 deaths/ 1000 people.
People get to retirement ages if the island isn't overwhelmed by diseases.

doubling time: 197.7 years.
It will take a really long time for Barbados to double its population because not many people want to have babies due that many work on tertiary sectors like receptionists or waitresses.


completed by Emilia Handal