by: Mark Velasquez 10E

The country of Bahrain is found in Asia, more specifically in the Middle East. A very small country only taking up 760 sq km. Its a archipelago in the Persian Golf next to Arabia Saudi. Its a very hot, humid summers, often hot for the all year. Bahrain has no boundaries, only water, but is really close to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

1,248,348 ; its density level is very high due to it being a very small country, this is due to the recent petroleum oil boom.

Birth Rate
14.41/1000 births ; this happens because very educated and rich people live in Bahrain, other factors is its a very hot country and people work lots of times.

Death Rate
2.63 deaths/1000 ; not many violence happens in this countr

y because, the economy is a in a very good state, another factor their is a lot of rich people and violence is just not needed.

Net Migration Rate
14.74 migrant/1000 population ; the main factor to this is that Bahrain is very near to Saudi Arabia, and Qatar countries that are better developed and have more jobs, even though Bahrain is not doing bad in the Economic department.

Infant Mortality rate
10.2 deaths/1,000 live births ; the factor to this being so l

ow, is that many people have access to good medical service and they are able to keep this low.

Population Growth rate

2.652% ; this is increasing because so many people are moving in and also growing in population, because of the increasingly good status of the economy so people are comfortable to grow in population.

Life Expectancy

78.29 years ; this is so high because everybody has access to good medical service and their is no violence.

Doubling Time
32 years.

The economy in Bahrain is pretty good. This is happening because the recent Petroleum and oil boom has created big profit for the country. In fact

is the country that more quickly has progressed in the middle east. That is why Bahrain is More Economically Developed Country.