Armenia is a land-locked country located in the Middle East. It is land-locked and borders Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia and Iran. Armenia is the 143rd largest country in the world, in comparison, Armenia is slightly bigger than Maryland have their one language Armenian, that is spoken 94.7% in the whole country.

The population in Armenia is not very high in comparison with other little countries. For example, Honduras is a one of the smallest countries in the whole world and its population is 8,296.693. Most of the population is aged from 15-65 years old.

Birth Rate
12.9 Birth Rate/ 1,000 population
The Birth Rate in Armenia is not very high because is Armenia is becoming a more developed country. Armenia has overcome a lot of problems, an Earthquake in 1988, the war against Azerbaijan in 1990s. Armenia became a developing country in the last decade. With the developing of the country people now have a much bigger view of sexual relationships, they now know the importance of using condoms.

Death Rate
8.49 Death Rate/ 1,000 population
The Death Rate in Armenia is very low because of the same reason the Birth Rate is low, they are developing. Armenia has a very good health care and also it's free.

Net Migration Rate
-3.5 migrant(s)/1,000 population
The migration rate of Armenia is so low because Armenia is getting very dangerous to live in. Actually Armenia is having a very big problem with a very dangerous country.

Infant Mortality Rate
Total: 18.21 deaths/1,000 lives birth
Male: 22.64 deaths/1,000 lives birth
Female; 13.28/1,000 lives birth
In Armenia a lot of kids die because of their health problems. The Armenian government has been trying to improve their health facilities since 2003 for mother and child health care across the country.
Population Growth Rate
The population growth rate have been decreasing because the birth rate is lower than the death rate because now women know their rights and they don't have sexual realtionships with any one . Now that they have a better education on Sexual Intercourse.

Life Expectancy
Total Population; 73.49
Male: 69.85
Female: 77.56
aIn Armenia the Life Expectancy is above average because the health care has been improving since 2003 and it still needs imrpovement, but also it has been improving since. Thanks to those improvements the Breast Cancer in Armenia has decreased from being the number 1 rank death leader to the number 4 death leader in Breast Cancer.

Major Population Issues Armenia is Facing
In my opinion, Armenia's major issue in